About Us

Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling is a joint venture owned and managed by FCS and K4 Racing.

The Team


Amanda Miller
Anna Grace Christiansen
Anna Sanders
Beth Ann Orton
Breanne Nalder
Jamie Gilgen
Lauren De Crescenzo
Mandy Heintz
Mia Manganello
Nina Laughlin
Sara Tussey
Tiffany Pezzulo

Katie Clouse (Junior Development)


Alex Kim
Lee Whaley
Doug Clark

Sports Director

Scott Warren

Assistant Sports Director

Dave Harward

Media Director

Catherine Kim

Team Doctor

Alexandra Flis, M.D.


Rachel Byus

Brand Representative

Kemi King

Our Sponsors

We would not succeed without the support of our partners. We have been very fortunate to partner with companies that produce great products and step up to support our small team. Please check out their products, by supporting these companies, you are supporting our team. It’s a win-win-win.

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